Trip Chaining

Avoid Extra Trips by Planning Ahead

Trip chaining and planning your trips to avoid rush hour traffic are hassle-free ways to TravelWise. Trip chaining involves grouping errands or other activities into one trip instead of returning home in between each one. The more errands you group together, the more vehicle trips you save.


Consolidating several trips into one can save you time and money as you conserve gas and spend less time on the road in between destinations. Likewise, by planning trips to avoid rush hour, you will spend less time sitting in traffic, which equates to even more time and money savings.

Getting Started

It’s easy to trip chain. Simply think through the things you need to get done before you get in your car. Are there trips that you can combine? Do you need to take that trip now, or can it wait until the roadways are less congested? Planning ahead and trip chaining is one of the easiest ways to TravelWise.

See How Much Time You Could Save By Trip Chaining

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