Public Transit

Choose the Stress-Free Travel Alternative

The use of public transportation has been on the rise in recent years. In Utah, this can be attributed in part to its increased availability. With the development of several TRAX legs, the building of the FrontRunner commuter rail and the growing number of bus routes and services, people are once again recognizing the convenience of Utah transit.


First and foremost, using public transportation saves money on gas, parking and car maintenance. It also reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and eases traffic congestion. Meanwhile, you can spend your time reading, relaxing, listening to music or even working during your travel time. Finally, riding transit is better for your health. Studies show that transit users take 30% more steps each day than those who rely on their cars.

Getting Started

Taking Utah transit can seem intimidating until you learn how the system works. To ease your concerns, look up routes, fares and service times before your trip. You may even want to take a “test trip” when you’re using transit for the first time. This will help you become familiar with the system without the pressure and anxiety of having to be somewhere at a specific time. Once you familiarize yourself with the system, you’ll see just how reliable, fast and effective Utah transit can be.

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