Using Technology to Work Smarter

Teleworking is possible from just about anywhere these days, as long as there is a wireless internet connection. Teleworking can include conference calling or video conferencing for meetings instead of driving to an off-site location, or just working from a remote site or office. So, rather than spend your time traveling back and forth between meetings, consider using a local coffee shop or library to get things done more efficiently and safely.


When you telework, it not only saves time that would otherwise be spent traveling, it also saves you money on gas and parking. By teleworking, you also gain increased schedule flexibility while reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality.

Getting Started

Check with your company’s human resources department to determine if there is a telework program already established. You should also discuss with your supervisor which aspects of teleworking work best for your department’s workload, as well as for you personally. If there currently is no policy regarding teleworking, ask your human resources department to survey the other employees and determine the level of interest.

See the Difference You Can Make

Daily Commute Distance


Dollars Saved in Gas Per Week