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Skip the Trip

Make a Conscious Effort to Skip Trips

The skip the trip strategy is as easy as it sounds. Just plan ahead to avoid unnecessary trips. These can be trips taken for work or for home activities. Couple together with other TravelWise strategies and you can make an even bigger impact.


The most obvious benefit of skipping a trip is the time it saves. It can reduce or even eliminate travel time, and give you more time to accomplish other things. It can also help you save money on gas or parking. A skipped trip also reduces traffic congestion for other drivers and improves air quality for all of us.

Getting Started

Integrating this strategy can be as simple as reviewing your daily routine. By examining your work and home activities, you may recognize ways that you can help save time and money. Ideas include:

  • Pack a lunch for work—just don’t forget it on the counter.
  • Plan out meals for the week and only take one trip to the grocery store.
  • e-travel by using the Internet or phone instead of going out to shop, rent a video or check out a book.
  • Defer a trip to another day when you’ve already planned to travel that direction.