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The continued success of TravelWise is dependent on the support of businesses, State and local agencies and other organizations. In fact, UDOT can't achieve the goals of the TravelWise program without help. Opportunities to partner with TravelWise exist, and partnerships have already been formed with many businesses, cities, agencies, employers, citizens and the Governor's Office. The development of these partnerships and the program support that comes from them is critical to the progress of TravelWise and its goals.

Getting Started

An official partnership is formed following a meeting with a TravelWise representative where a TravelWise Integration Plan (TRIP) is completed. As a partner, you select the TravelWise strategies that best fit your company's needs and commit to specific efforts to implement them. In return, the TravelWise program pledges resources and support to ensure your success.

Partnering Organizations


Government Agencies

Other Organizations